Why Preventative Maintenance

Preventative MaintenanceWhile all mechanical equipment will eventually fail, equipment that is regularly serviced and maintained will last longer and run more efficiently.

Protect Your Investment

Preventive heating and air conditioning maintenance is similar to maintaining your car: If you don’t change your engine oil the engine locks up! The same holds true for HVAC systems. COMFORTCARE provides precision inspection, adjustments and cleaning of your systems by trained professional technicians twice per year – Spring & Summer Air Conditioning / Fall & Winter Heating. COMFORTCARE covers all brands of equipment, gas, oil or electric, and is fully transferable. Benefits include:

Lower Utility Bills

  • Cleaning Condenser Coils
  • Checking/Adjusting Thermostat Calibration
  • Inspecting Duct Work
  • Inspecting Heating Elements
  • Checking Refrigerant Levels
  • Cleaning/Adjusting Burner Assemblies

Extended Equipment Life

  • Test/Adjust Operating Pressures
  • Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Measure Volts/Amps on Motors
  • Lubricate Motors Bearings as Required

Increased Safety/Peace of Mind

  • Cleaning Condensate Drain – Reduces Clogs and Potential Water Damage
  • Monitor Flue Draft – Limits Potential Leaks
  • Monitor Gas and Operating Pressure- Leak Detection
  • Inspection of Heat Exchanger – Potential Toxic Fumes from Cracking
  • Testing of Fan and Safety Controls

Additional Benefits:

  • Optimum Comfort Levels
  • 24 Hr. Emergency Service
  • 15% Discount on Parts
  • Reduced Repairs replaced during COMFORTCARE
  • Priority Demand Service
  • Inspections
  • Appointment Times
  • Agreement is Transferable

COMFORTCARE Maintenance Program

The COMFORTCARE maintenance program is designed to save you money, keep you safe and comfortable by keeping your heating & air conditioning system in top operating condition.

Click here to download a printable PDF of the Comfort Care Maintenance Program Agreement.

Stay Safe
Enjoy peace of mind at home with ComfortCare’s unmatched gas and operating pressure monitoring. Eliminate the risk of potential toxic fumes from entering your home.

Save Money
Half of your home’s energy is used by heating and cooling equipment. A Freon undercharge of 10% can increase operating costs by 20%. ComfortCare exists to provide you with optimal energy saving calibrations